Bring on the sun! Spring is almost here

It’s time to close another chapter. The weather has been picture perfect, but not too long ago, it was a very different scene.

The ice storm that hit the area on January 28th and 29th is hard to forget. Roadways, businesses, schools, all closed.

In fact, this was the coldest January since 1978. Fast forward to the last official day of winter.

Most would agree, we’ve seen enough of winter, besides we all know this is the best time of year on the Gulf Coast. People look for reasons to get outside.

Brandon Davis, who works at Spot Of Tea, said the latest warm weather has makes his job better for many reasons.

“Everyone has been commenting how beautiful it is outside. We’ve been steady all day,” said Davis.

Others were soaking up the sun in Cathedral Square, trying to forget the recent past.

“It’s very pleasant, nice change from the past couple of months. It was pretty brutal, I’ve spent some time on the East Coast and it seemed colder for some reason,” said Meredith Behm.

Some even thinking about a wardrobe change.

“I love spring, wearing flip flops,” said Tamara Moore.

So as we close the chapter on winter …

“It’s got to be at least in the late 50’s for me to come out in the daytime,” said Dow Tatum.

And open a new one to spring, bring on the warm temperatures and all that comes with them.

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