All parks to be pet-friendly in Gulf Shores

The City of Gulf Shores is looking to nix its current park regulations banning pets.

Grant Brown, the Director of Recreation and Cultural Affairs for the city, says he brought the resolution before the council after receiving numerous complaints from residents, especially in regards to the large open spaces at the Sportsplex on County Road 6 on the northwest side of the city.

“It’s harder for us to defend an ordinance or a rule that doesn’t really seem to make sense,” said Brown.

There will still be several off-limits areas to furry friends, such as a baseball field or track.

Dogs are also required to stay on a leash, and owners should be prepared to pickup after their pets.

Myriam Brister, a Gulf Shores resident, said she walks her dogs every day near the Sportsplex.

She’s excited for the new initiative to pass. Her response was translated from Spanish.

“It’s wonderful, it’s good that the authorities, thanks to our mayor and the council will allow us and give us the opportunity to be able to bring our pets,” Brister said, “It is the best present they could give us, not just for us, but for our pets.”

Other residents agree with Brister.

“I think it’s a real good thing,” said Lance Kittrell, “Especially in the all the parks. I don’t see why not, it’s not hurting anything. Especially if they’re on a leash.”

But, while the new ordinance might give your pet more roaming freedom,  it still won’t get to go to the beach.

“This in no ways allows any types of pets or dogs to be on the beaches,” explained Brown, “This ordinance has no effect whatsoever on the beaches. There still are very strict rules and laws. Dogs and pets are not allowed on the beaches at all.”

The Gulf Shores City Council will vote on this issue this coming Monday at 4 p.m.

Brown said after meeting with the council this week, he does expect the initiative to pass.


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