Deon Johnson rape trial to begin

Former Spanish Fort football star Deon Johnson’s rape case began Tuesday. This is the first case of three that has gone to court. It turned out to be a riveting day in the courtroom.
The physical evidence in this case is limited to pictures taken 7 months after the alleged rape. So this trial is coming down to testimony from the alleged victim and her credibility.


Instead of gearing up for spring practice with the Crimson Tide, Deon Johnson spent Tuesday in a Bay Minette courtroom accused of a February 2012 rape.

The prosecution’s star witness was the alleged victim herself. She told jurors she was overpowered by Johnson in a bathroom stall of a Spanish Fort Park.

At one point she showed jurors scars on her back she said were caused by the rape, and demonstrated how she was pinned down.
Prosecutor, Teresa Heinz, told us, “There were lots of things we knew would be uncomfortable for our victim. A lot of these cases are uncomfortable for victims to relive.”

The alleged victim testified for nearly an hour.
“I was very pleased with how my victim performed on the stand. She was composed and was able to get through her story,” Heinz said.


But here comes the twist, When the defense called their witnesses they brought in one of the alleged victim’s friends. She told jurors a different story, saying the alleged victim stated to her the rape never happened.

Defense attorney, John White, said, “One of the last witnesses I had was very believable, very credible. She was a student at the school with the alleged victim and she was credible and helped our case out immensely.


Now it’s up for the jury to decide who they’ll believe. A quick witness or two may be called Wednesday morning, but then after that there will be closing arguments and the fate of Deon Johnson will go to the jury.

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