Mobile’s latest movie, ‘Vice,’ films downtown

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Film crews continue to make movie-magic in the streets of Downtown Mobile as “Vice” began production Sunday.

Since June 2013, a handful of major motion pictures have been filmed in the Port City. “Tokarev” starring Nicolas Cage and Danny Glover, “Mississippi Grind” staring Ryan Reynolds, and “The Prince” starring Bruce Willis, 50 Cent, and Jason Patric have all been filmed in or around Mobile. Now, “Vice,” starring Bruce Willis is in production.

The leading role, played by Willis, was shot entirely in one day. If you’re looking to catch a glimpse, he has already departed of the Port City and will not be back.

As for the rest of the crew, they will be here for several more weeks.

“Until every last building is blown up. There’s a ways to go,” said actor Thomas Jane.

Imagine a futuristic world where you can live out your deepest, darkest fantasies, but afterward, your memory is erased. That is the plot of “Vice,” entirely shot in Downtown Mobile.

“This is a science fiction action film and Mobile has such an eclectic feel to it. So, we were able in certain parts of the city to create a very dystopian vision of the future well at the same time shooting at facilities…that create this very avant-garde technology feel,” said director Brian Miller.

Director Brian Miller said that was one of the biggest reason why the film was brought to Mobile – aside from the fact that he, and is producer Randall Emmett just shot the “The Prince” a few months ago in Mobile.

“From a business side, the tax incentive that the state office offers are extremely generous. It’s very hard to put a movie together without some help. Investors look for that. Alabama has been great period Mobile has been great in and welcoming us,” said Producer Randall Emmett.

Thomas Jane and Ambyr Childers star in the film. Jane was relaxed during questions with the media.

“The police have been extremely nice to everybody. I’ve been here for four days and haven’t been arrested. This is one of the better towns for me,” he said. “My driver drove me around and showed me the parade routes. You guys have a parade like every other day here. It’s amazing. At the drop of a hat, you know? There was a Honey Boo-Boo parade where little kids dress up and do somersaults and it’s cute but really it’s been fun.”

Overall, Jane said Mobile is an ideal place to shoot.

“We’ve all worked in places that were less than desirable. We’ve done those movies. So when you do find a place, a community that’s really inviting, the restaurants are great, the people are nice we wanna come back,” said Jane.

Childers, known for her current role in a popular cable drama, said getting back on a movie set is different than television.

“TV moves a lot quicker and playing this character, I get to go a little bit deeper and create a deeper world. It’s nice to be able to balance both worlds of TV and film side of it,” said Childers.

“There is such a true southern hospitality that we feel very welcome. The people of this community have embraced us. They have taken care of us. They’ve been here when we need them,” said Miller.

The crew will be in Mobile for a few more weeks and will be back for more films in the near future.

If you are wanting an up-close look at the movie-making process, sets are closed to the public.

If you would like to become an extra in the film, click here.

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