Litter floods Dog River after heavy rain

A FOX10 News viewer sent pictures to of litter floating along Dog River after Sunday’s storm.

Rob Nykvist, a local environmentalist, said he’s been documenting the litter problem for nearly three years and has not seen much improvement.

Mayor Sandy Stimpson acknowledges the problem and said there needs to be a “war on litter” but while he may be declaring war, there is a battle to be won first.

The Alabama department of Environmental Management fined the city nearly $400,000 for not complying with the Clean Water Act.  That case is in court with a hearing scheduled for May.

Stimpson’s Chief of Staff, Colby Cooper, said the city is making improvements to its stormwater program.

He responded to Nykvist’s pictures with a statement that read in part:

“It is hard to fix inherited messes overnight, but we are committed to doing all we can to address these matters in a timely and effective way,” said Colby.

Cooper said the city welcomes not only public scrutiny, but their help.

We reached out Stimpson’s administration to ask specifically how the city has made improvements to stormwater management plan, but we have not heard back.

Meantime Dog River Resident Bill Drew says the solution starts with you.

“You can’t expect the city to do everything for you so each citizen has got to do his own part to help keep this city clean. The problem is a lot of people could care less,” said Drew.

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