Storm sends branch through couple’s windshield

Joel Pike is going to need a new windshield on his car and so will his wife after storms rolled through Creola Sunday, March 16 damaging both their cars.

His wife, Leah, has dents in the front of her vehicle and her windshield is shattered on the passenger side of her Nissan Maxima and Joel’s truck sill had a limb through the front of the windshield Sunday afternoon.

The couple was in their camper at Dead Lake Marina when they heard the rain pounding on their RV and limbs falling. They say the Fox10 News push alerts woke them up and notified them the storm was coming through which got them prepared for the stormy weather.

“Sunday morning about 8 a.m. that’s when the wind started howling like crazy and the limbs started falling out everywhere and then one hit my truck and went trough my truck and stuck into the dash and then my wife’s car got hit,” Pike said.

He said one large limb crashed down between his camper and his neighbors. He believes the limb could have crushed the camper if it had fallen on top of it.

“I haven’t seen a storm like that in a while since Hurricane Fredrick I guess. It was raining so hard you couldn’t even see,” Pike said.

The Pikes said the damage can be fixed and they’re just glad they were inside their camper and not in their car when the storm hit.

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