Roof torn off home, living room ceiling falls through

Workers were bustling around inside the Jennings’ home tearing up carpet and hardwood floors after the roof of their home was torn off during Sunday morning’s storm causing flood damage throughout the home.

Insulation littered the floor in the living room and the 11-year old’s bedroom where the ceiling fell through.

“It looked like the front porch roof lifted up and just peeled back and flipped over the back of the house and then water started coming in through the attic from everywhere,” Kristin Jennings said.

Dryers were placed throughout the home to help get rid of the water covering the floors.

Jennings said the roof began leaking around 8 a.m. Sunday morning and she believes some of the walls will need to be replaced along with the floor, ceilings and roof.

“We could hear when it was raining, the water was rushing in and we could hear water coming down between the walls of the room,” Jennings said.

Fortunately the family was able to keep most of their belongings dry but it will be a while before the house is put back together.

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