Heavy rain and rip currents hitting Gulf Shores

GULF SHORES, Ala. (WALA) – In Gulf Shores, heavy rain storms hit the area Sunday, March 16.

Red flags flew at the beaches due to high surf and strong rip currents, which meant the water is not safe for swimming and folks should avoid getting in the Gulf of Mexico.

Vacationers said they’re disappointed about the bad weather but they’re trying not to let it ruin their spring break plans.

“We’ve been looking at it for a while now, you know the 10 day forecast, and today’s probably the worst of it,” said Mark Byers of Kansas City. “We’re here all week and although it looks like it’s going to be on the chillier side, if we can hang out and play cards today, we should have decent weather the rest of the week, so we’re not too worried about it.”

Meanwhile, locals at the beach told FOX10 watching the big waves and feeling the heavy breeze was a nice way to start a Sunday.

“I wish the sun would shine,” said local Carl Hilburn, “but this (the weather at the beach) in its own weird way has its own beauty to it.”

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