Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival cancelled due to weather

fairhope sunday pic

The 62nd annual Fairhope Arts and Crafts Show was only two days this year.

The third day of the show was cancelled Sunday, March 16 due to the heavy rainstorms.

Organizers said this is the first time in some 20 years that the show has been cancelled due to weather.

“Five o’clock in the morning we got calls that a storm was rolling in, and when we headed on down, some of the tents that had decided to stay had been damaged,” said Darrelyn Bender, President of Eastern Shore chamber of Commerce, “The wind was very heavy and we were watching tents go, and when the rest and relaxation tent went, we knew it was time to call the festival.”

But, some residents said they aren’t so happy about the cancellation.

“Well it’s a shame. It’s pretty nice outside right now, and there was a bad stretch this morning, and that’s understandable, but overreaction or not, who knows,” said local Mike Lyons, “It’s an important weekend, it sure is nice to get three days out of it when we can.”

Organizers said they were expecting the event to generate some $11.5 million for the area.

But, they believe Sunday’s cancellation did cut that number.

“You lose one full day of the shops being open or the restaurants being open, we have definitely lost some revenue,” said Bender.

Bender said the first two days of the festival were still successful despite threats of rain.

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