MPD shoots dogs, family wants explanation

One dog is dead and a second injured after their owners say a Mobile police officer entered their yard and opened fire while searching for trespassing suspects.

Mark and Lynn Yeager had to bury one of their dogs, Alfred, of 12 years after witnessing the shooting in their yard on Clearmont Street in Mobile.

“I understand that they’re trying to do their job. My dog was trying to do his job and there has to be a happy medium,” said Mark Yeager. “I don’t think they used good common sense.”

Police say officials had detained two individuals near Murphy High school who eventually ran off. Officers says they were chasing the suspects and eventually entered the Yeager’s yard, alerting the two pets who they say were aggressive toward the officer.

“I saw the policeman backing up with his gun pointed – heard two shots,” said Yeager. “I went ballistic. I mean I couldn’t believe it. He lay there about 15 minutes and I sat there and petted him and talked to him till he died.”

Mobile police are reviewing the case.

Internal Affairs also responded and is investigating.

FOX10 News will have more information as it becomes available.

Meanwhile the Yeager’s say they are focusing on the surviving dog, Bobidai’s, recovery.

They intend to write a letter to their respective city councilman and the Mobile Police Chief.

Police said they eventually caught up with and arrested the suspects.

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