Matt’s Friday Forecast

Weather Summary:

Beautiful day coming up for our Friday! After a crisp start temps will warm up quickly to near 70 degrees under sunny skies! Couldn’t ask for better! Unfortunately, things will change as we head into the weekend….

Weekend Rain

Clouds will be increasing through the day on Saturday. A few showers are possible during the day, but rain chances really increase during the late evening hours as a cold front moves closer. It will be warm through the day on Saturday.

Sorry, but Sunday will be a washout. Rain is likely during the day with heavier showers at times. Fortunately, severe weather is unlikely, although a few rumbles of thunder are expected with this system. While it won’t likely rain from dawn to dusk, rain chances will stay high throughout the day.

That rain will hang around until early Monday morning before clearing out.

Brief Cold Snap

As is typical at this time of year the cold air behind that system won’t be around too long. Cooler temps Monday and Tuesday quickly give way to warm conditions by mid-week.

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