Florida Georgia Line talks about the biz

The 2014 Night Train Tour featuring big country stars Jason Aldean, Tyler Farr, and Florida Georgia Line, was scheduled for three nights at The Wharf in Orange Beach, and only FOX10 got an interview with one of the top-charting acts.

FOX10 News Reporter Kati Weis got to meet Florida Georgia Line last night before they took the stage Thursday, March 13 at the Wharf Amphitheater in Orange Beach.

The two band members, Brian Kelley of Florida and Tyler Hubbard of Georgia, shared about their musical journey, their rise to fame, and their love for performing.

Over the last couple of years, the dynamic duo, Florida Georgia Line, has risen to the top of the charts.

With big hits like “Cruise” and “Get Your Shine On,” the boys said there is nothing stopping them.

“We got a new album that we just started working on last week, and the next six or eight months we’ll be working on album two,” said Hubbard, “We’re just making music that we’re excited about. We’ve been writing a lot and we’ll probably come out with a new album at the end of this year so we’re excited we got some fresh stuff, some new music so we’ll see how it goes.”

They’ve even won top country honors for their work, including a CMT award for Duo of the Year and Breakthrough Video of the Year.

“It’s pretty cool you feel pretty welcomed into the country music industry,” said Kelley about the recent awards, “Country radio has been amazing to us. It feels good to be in that mix of some really good names that are older and younger. It’s a really cool time in country music right now. It feels like it’s kind of on fire, and it’s really cool to see what’s next for everybody.”

The group has even mixed it up a bit with their genre, including rap star Nelly into their hit song “Cruise.”

It’s a trend they say fans can look forward to in the future.

“Nelly’s been cool,” said Hubbard, “He definitely took ‘Cruise’ to the next level, and he’s just an overall great guy, we love working with him, and we’ll be doing some stuff with him here in the future so we’re excited.”

As they make their way to the top of country music, they’re just enjoying the ride.

“It’s just the best life in the world, we wouldn’t trade it for anything, so we’re lovin’ it,” said Hubbard.

For Hubbard, coming down to Orange Beach to perform is personal.

“I actually lived here in Orange Beach when I was in the sixth grade, so I’m a native,” he said with a smile, “it’s amazing (to be back), a lot of good memories here. We were here last year with Luke Bryan at this very venue so a lot of good times that we’ve had here and we’re going to have a lot more, so we’re excited.”

FOX10 asked them how the Night Train Tour with country cowboy superstar Jason Aldean has been going.

The Florida Georgia Line boys told us it’s an honorable party.

“Just a big ol’ party rollin’ down the road,” said Kelley,  “Aldean’s on top of his game, his band, his show tonight’s amazing. Fans are showing up ready to party. Tyler Farr’s killing it, he’s got tons of hits he’s playing so it just feels like it’s an incredible time. The sun’s only getting warmer this time of year so it’s about to catch on fire it’s going to be good.”

We also asked if they had one thing to say the people of the Gulf Coast, what would it be?

“We just say you guys are amazing fans, you’ve truly blown us away,” said Hubbard, “There’s three sold out shows here in Orange beach so it’s a testament to the loyalty of country music fans here in Alabama. We always love coming here, it’s fun, it’s going to be a party and we’re pumped.”

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