St. Patrick’s Day outfits under $20!

St. Patrick’s Day is Monday so don’t forget to wear something green! Most of us don’t have the means to go out and buy new clothes every time something fun comes up so Cherish Lombard asked thrifty fashionista Kristen Tella how to find great outfits on a budget. Kristen says many of us don’t realize there are a lot of great things at thrift stores, and since some of us may not have time to go home and change before we head out for St. Patrick’s Day parties, she out together some outfits that will take us from day-to-night, each under $20!

For the ladies: Look #1

Start with a shift dress, extra points if you can find a green one, and layer it over a fun blouse.  Add a pair of flats for daytime so your feet and back stay pain-free throughout the work day. Before you head to the St. Patrick’s Day parties, take off the blouse and swap out the flats for a fun pair of heels. Don’t forget to stop by the jewelry counter. There are all sorts of fun pieces that will add some sparkle to your outfit. Grab a little clutch and you’re ready to go!

For the Ladies: Look #2

Plaid is an easy print to find in thrift stores and usually incorporates the color green. Layer a high-waisted version over a dark green blouse and a blazer for a work appropriate look. Pointed toe flats are a great finisher because they are comfortable and help elongate the legs making you appear taller! Before you go out with the girls for some green cocktails, remove the blazer and slip on a pair of sexy black heels.

For the guys:

Thrift stores are full of great vintage and modern blazers. If you’re lucky enough to find a dark green one like we did, layer it over a white button down shirt and a pair of khaki slacks.  If not, pick a grey or navy blue blazer and put it over a green printed shirt for some color so you don’t get pinched! Leather shoes are also in abundance at consignment shops and are great for either day and night. For a fun and unexpected touch, add a pair of green argyle or shamrock socks! And if ties are a must in your workplace, this is an easy way to incorporate another shade of green; just remove it after leaving work for a more casual party look.

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