No bond for suspects in deadly Coden shooting

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Suspects in Tuesday’s deadly Coden shooting received no bond Thursday morning, March 13.

Saraya Atkins, 20, of Michigan and her alleged accomplice 25-year-old Kymberli Lindsay of Mobile, appeared in Judge Bob Sherling’s courtroom Thursday morning while family and friends watched. Tuesday night, the attitude of the two women, as described by sheriff’s deputies, was one of ‘no remorse’ for human life. Thursday morning, was much different as the suspects faced the facts with tears – upgraded charges of capital murder.

“They are charged with the capital murder which is murder during the course of a robbery for the robbery of and murder of Mr. Perry. And they’re also charged with robbery in the first degree for the robbery of Miss Finney,” said Assistant DA Jill Phillips.

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Phillips said Atkins and Lindsay are facing serious repercussions for their crimes.

“Capital charges in Alabama carry only two punishments. Two possible punishments. That is life without the possibility of parole and the death penalty,” she said.

Phillips also said ‘no bond’ in the case plays an important role in the prosecution.

“In Alabama capital murder is essentially the only offense that under the Constitution someone can be held without bond without any other conditions. And so the no bond order was issued when they were booked into jail and we were seeking to have that maintained and the judge did follow our request and is holding them without bond. I think that I think that’s important in capital cases because the potential punishments are so severe,” said Phillips.

FOX10 News reached out to defense attorney Jeff Deen for comment. He said: “We’ll talk about it next week with Judge Youngpeter.” Atkins and Lindsay will be back in court on Tuesday morning for an arraignment hearing.

Mobile County Sheriff’s Office deputies also explained the case in detail to Judge Sherling.

Among new information from the case was the name of Mr. Robert Perry’s stepdaughter, Stephanie Finny, 42. According to deputies, Finny was cashing an income tax check worth $1,900 inside Walmart.

Deputies also said once Atkins and Lindsay were apprehended, they confessed they had “intentions” of robbing someone; it was just a matter of finding the right person. Ms. Finny was alone and, according to deputies, an ideal target for the suspects.

New information from deputies also revealed Lindsay was inside Walmart scoping out the right target to follow. Once she saw Finny, she followed her, texting Atkins, who was outside, notifying her who to follow. After following Perry and Finny around the parking lot, the suspects then followed them nearly 15 miles to Bayou Jonas Road where the robbery and shooting occurred.


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