EXCLUSIVE: Officer speaks after federal charges dismissed

Former Prichard Police Officer Edmond Burke is fighting to clear his name after federal authorities dismissed drug charges against him.

Federal prosecutors accused Burke, a two-year veteran of the police force, of making regular drug runs using his position as a shield back in August 2013.

Federal officials could not comment on why the charges were dismissed but said they expect the case to go back to the state level.

Burke exclusively spoke with FOX10 News to say he just wants his job back.

“This is the first step right here … sitting down having this conversation with you because nobody took the time out,” he said.

Back in 2013, authorities said they arranged a recorded phone call between a cooperating defendant and Burke’s cousin, Raymond Williams.

The pair discussed the delivery of 5 kilos of cocaine using Officer Burke as a cover.

Court documents allege the informant told officials Burke had run drugs before and evaded capture because he was an officer.

Authorities say Williams agreed to the cocaine buy and would complete the delivery for $15,000.

Williams and Burke showed up at a truck stop in Grand Bay when the alleged “deal” began and the pair was arrested.

Burke however says he had no knowledge that drugs were being exchanged at the truck stop and believes the cooperating defendant used his cousin to “setup an officer.”

“If you tell on somebody, it helps time with you (get time off),” said Burke. “You throw a police officer — that’s a bonus.”

The case didn’t stop there.

Investigators executed a search warrant at Burke’s home where they say they found drug paraphernalia and drugs.

Burke claims it was a known fact within the department that he was working to build up Prichard’s K9 unit.

He said he found a small amount of marijuana and also brought home a white powdery substance from a chase at work in order to train his K9.

FOX10 News reporter Andrew Perez asked Burke if he felt it was smart to take his work home with him.

“At this point. Yea. I wasn’t doing anything illegal. I was doing it to better the city,” said Burke

Burke said he is the first to admit the circumstances are suspicious and understands the skepticism.

He says however he is confident he’ll be able to prove his innocence.

“I am prepared to go further.  Even if it takes me my last breathe. At least I did fight and people can see that this guy has nothing to do with any – even if it stress me to the point I just lose my life and croak over … people will know I am still an officer that loves my job,” he said.

FOX10 News is working to get more information from state officials about the case and alleged discrepancies in the evidence.

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