Business booming in Foley

Between the addition of Whataburger, all the dirt being moved to make way for Hobby Lobby and the start of the mass grading for the sports complex; there’s a lot of business coming to Foley.

“I just think it’s great to have these stores coming in. Like I said, it’s good for me ‘cause I like to shop at these stores and the area is just improving and getting to be a little bit better for all of it,” Foley resident Karen Skosky said.

“Foley’s economy is poised to grow very rapidly,” Mayor John Konair said. “I think in terms of the Hobby Lobby and the Big Lots will generate about $12 million in sales annually, about 60 jobs. Whataburger will probably generate about 45-50 jobs cause they are 24-hour.”

Residents said they’re looking forward to increased options.

“Oh, I love it because we’re underserved as far as shopping goes. And a lot of times we have to go into Pensacola for what we need, or Daphne or Fairhope or whatever. And I think this is good,” resident Joseph Aqua said.

It’s not just future retail jobs the city is generating, there’s a good number of construction jobs as well. Koniar said about 100 construction jobs will be created during the building of the new sports complex and events center.

“This time next year, we should see some pretty good growth numbers and revenues,” Koniar said.

The three cities, along with ALDOT, are looking at the possibility of synchronizing the traffic light system on the busy highway.

“It’s about a $2.3 or $2.4 million project, but that will improve traffic flows, east-west venues for moving traffic east and west, getting off 59 and getting off the Beach Express are things we want to do,” Konair said.

He said the ultimate goal is to maintain their “quality of life,” while bringing in new opportunities, and new money.

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