Update: No word from adult club owner, MPD investigating

We continue to try to find the owners of the Club LaRock. We went back to the club, and called a few numbers given to us from those connected to it. No luck.

“I even invited the officers to come down and come into my house one night so they can stand in my house next to my bedroom and witness the vibrating noise,” said resident Nikklos Kidd

The story started after Kidd, came to a city council meeting Tuesday, begging for sleep. He said the adult entertainment club is open 5-7 days a week, till about 4 in the morning. The noise he is talking about, he said, comes from the heavy base in the music that’s played.

“We have been called out since about the end of December of last year 10 times for noise complaints from area residents,” said Ashley Rains with Mobile Police.

The current noise ordinance for Mobile says if the music is 85 decibels or less, the club is in compliance … but what Mobile Police are trying to determine are the actual base levels.

“That’s what we’re looking into right now, specifically what the equipment that we have measures,” said Rains.

Rains said they are going to try to settle the matter.

“We’re going to see how we can elevate the problem by speaking with the business owner and residents in the area and see if we can compromise.”

At the city council meeting, some city council members expressed concern over the city’s noise ordinance and expressed interest in possibly revising it.

We will continue to follow this story as well, to see if a resolution is found.

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