Strong winds, rough surf for spring breakers


Strong winds, rough surf, and chilly temperatures are greeting the first spring breakers; not exactly ideal conditions. The grey, blustery conditions were enough to keep all but the hardiest off the beach and only the bravest stepped off the sand into the frigid surf.

Coming out of the water spring breakers Annie and Jonna told us, “It’s like ice. It’s really cold. It’s literally ice.”

Brothers Avery and Keegan weren’t going to let the cold water stop their fun, they even got their dad to follow them in.

Older brother Avery said, “It’s just very cold. It’s hard to take. Hard to take.”


Beach Safety director Scott Smothers said he’s glad people weren’t venturing too far today in the rough surf. Earlier in the week folks swimming out to sandbars were running into trouble.

“It’s kind of like climbing Mt. Everest,” Smothers said. “Just because you made it out to the sand bar you have to make it back in.”

Smothers told us the water doesn’t even have to be rough right now for swimmers to get in trouble. At barely sixty degrees, the surf temperature drains a swimmer’s energy.

“People get cold they cramp up and they just over estimate their swimming ability,” Smothers said.

So far, no major issues, but spring break has just begun and more cold weather is on the way.

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