Strong winds made for rough fishing day

While the rain from Tuesday, March 11 was nowhere to be seen Wednesday, that didn’t mean it was smooth sailing for fishing boats that hit the waters.

“It affected some of the locations I normally fish. I couldn’t access those due to the wind. So it really affects where we’re able to set up and fish and stuff like that. So I don’t like it at all,” Clay Blankenship, owner of Angler Management, said.

Blankenship said he could’ve stayed on the waters longer, but he had to turn back early thanks to the winds.

“Yeah, between 4:00 and 4:30 we saw some high winds and that’s when we decided to come on back to the dock because the fishing wasn’t very productive,” he said.

Even though the water was brisk, that didn’t stop some spring breakers who were determined to get in the water no matter what.

“Once you get in you get used to it. So it’s not that bad. Yeah, it’s worth it, cause we’re on spring break, so we should get in the water,” Anna Kate Webb, a Mississippi native, said.

“I’m not cold; I feel good actually. I feel mighty good. I feel mighty good,” Lance Tillman said.

Tillman came down from Indianapolis with his family. He was more than happy to trade snow for a bit of wind.

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