Old Man Winter back for the night

As the sun set over Dog River Wednesday, March 12 the temperature went with it making for a colder night then most would like in mid march.

It’s been brutal, too cold for my taste. Too cold and too wet,” said Brad Broadus.

Broadus was tying up his boat Wednesday at Dog River Marina to keep it from knocking around from the high winds expected in Mobile.

He said his boat was damaged in Katrina and Ivan and doesn’t want his boat out of commission because of some wind.

“It just chews up the side of your boat. Paint damage and fiberglass gel cost damage, it’s hard to repair and you have to get the boat out of the water and do without it for a while,” Broadus said.

He wasn’t the only one making sure his boat was tied down.

Chester Hoster lives on his boat and said his family prepared for a cold night with their space heater and some extra blankets.

“We’ll have a nice hot dinner on the stove to warm things up a bit,” Hoster said.

He’s looking forward to the warmer weather where his kids can enjoy the sunshine on the water and put away their winter coats.

It’s a winter many won’t forget and most are ready for Old Man Winter to get out of town.

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