Family says grandad is a “hero,” new details uncovered in murder

The family of Robert Perry is speaking exclusively with FOX10 News after the 66-year-old was shot and killed while protecting his stepdaughter during a robbery.

FOX10 News has also uncovered new information about the two women now charged with capital murder in the case.

Relatives say Perry was a hero, not only in his death. They said he lived as a hero, taking care of his large family.

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“He is a hero in our eyes because he raised a family like this and took care of a family with all these kids here growing up,” said Perry’s grandson, Gauge Holmes. “It means a lot to us all.”

Saraya Atkins and Kymberli Lindsay are accused of following, robbing, and shooting Perry on Tuesday, March 11.

FOX10 News has learned deputies believe, prior to allegedly committing the crime, the women planned the robbery and stole a license tag from another vehicle to attach to their getaway car.

Deputies said the women saw Perry and his stepdaughter cashing an income tax check at the Walmart in Tillman’s Corner.

Perry and his stepdaughter were planning to buy a vehicle they had found on Craigslist.

After deciding not to purchase the car, investigators say Atkins and Lindsay followed the pair in their car and allegedly ran them off the road around Bayou Jonas Road before pointing a gun at Perry’s stepdaughter.

Investigators said Perry went for the gun and told his stepdaughter to run.

“I feel that the lord is going to take care of the things he needs to take care of with them and that they’ll get what they deserve for what happens,” said Gauge. “That’s all I can say on it.”

Relatives said Perry was one of 13 siblings, grandfather to more than a dozen grand-kids, has 5 great-grandchildren, and has been married to his wife for more than 25 years.

Relatives said as the patriarch of the family, Perry had already been fighting for his life, working to overcome his battle with prostate cancer.

“He had three weeks of chemo left,” said Perry’s nephew, Patrick Robertson. “He was almost done and then this happens. It’s just people with no heart these days.”

Perry’s funeral arrangements are still being made.

Originally, deputies believed a man may have been involved in the two women’s heist because a witness reported possibly seeing someone flee into the woods.

Deputies now say that is not the case.

The investigation is ongoing and the two women are expected in court Thursday morning for a bond hearing.

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