Video: ‘Impatient’ dog blasts car horn for 15 minutes


A dog named Fern seemed to think her owners were taking a little longer than she liked at a gallery. When they came back out, there was a crowd around their car. At first they thought something was wrong.

But there she was, waiting on them – and laying down on the car horn. For 15 minutes.

Seems a little impatient, no?

The boxer, who became an overnight sensation, was in her owners’ car near Broughty Ferry in Dundee, Scotland when she was caught on camera. Cameron Wighton caught the dog blasting the horn and posted it to his Facebook page.

Fern’s owners, identified by The Courier as Graham and Fiona Haddow, told the paper, “I think she is a bit of a diva. She just always wants attention and she seems to have got her way this time.”

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