MCSO: Shooting suspects show no remorse

Two women taken who were arrested for the robbery and shooting death of Robert Perry show no remorse, according to Mobile County Sheriff’s officials.

“I would say it’s a strong display of no remorse whatsoever for either victim. The one that lost his life and the one that lost the money that she just cashed a check for. That was a sad display of how someone acts towards another person,” said Lt. Paul Burch with the sheriff’s office.

Kymberli Lindsay, 25, of  Mobile and Saraya Atkins, 20, of Michigan, were taken into custody late Tuesday afternoon, March 11. The shooting happened on Bayou Jonas Road.

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Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich said Tuesday night no capital murder charges will be brought forth. However, since the investigation is still under way, that could change if evidence proves otherwise.

Currently, they’re charged with felony murder and two counts of robbery

A third suspect is still being sought.

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