Father killed protecting stepdaughter during robbery

Two arrests have been made after deputies said a father and his stepdaughter were run off the road and robbed in what may have been a setup.

Mobile County Sheriffs Deputies said they charged two women in the shooting death of Robert “Bobby” Perry and are still searching for an additional male suspect.

“Something happened here that no law enforcement officer, no first responder ever wants to see,” said Chaplain Ron Pierce, who arrived on-scene to console the victim’s family.

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staticmap1 Father killed protecting stepdaughter during robbery
Officials said Robert Perry was shot to death along Bayou Jonas Dr in Coden. Two suspects are in custody.

The two were driving home from checking out a car they found on Craigslist.

Deputies said the pair traveled to a business in Tillman’s Corner, cashed an income tax check, and checked out the vehicle for sale.

Officials said, however, they decided not to purchase it from the seller.  

On their drive home, investigators say the pair noticed they were being followed by two women who were also seen checking out the Craigslist car earlier.

Investigators say the women ran Perry and his step-daughter off the road and proceeded to rob them at gunpoint and shoot the father.

“She is obviously shaken as well,” said Lt. Paul Burch with the Mobile County Sheriffs Office. “In addition to being the victim of a robbery, she lost her father so she’s very distraught.”

The women were caught and arrested shortly after.

It is unclear the role of the alleged male suspect that deputies are searching for.

Family members said Perry was one of 13 siblings and was a very outgoing individual.

They said he was very cheerful despite his personal battle with prostate cancer.

FOX10 News is working on getting more details about the women involved and the alleged male suspect.

Stay tuned for updates.


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