Changing your name? Follow these steps

If you’ve ever planned a wedding you know there’s a lot to think about, and one thing that may seem small is changing your last name.

This applies to newlyweds, but also anyone considering changing their name.

Once you make the decision to do so, the checklist of changes begins and the says to start with the social security card.

You need to have proof of your new name for legal documentation, bank statements ect. so that’s why you need you need the social security card, to verify the new you.

The next step should be the department of motor vehicles.

Once you have your driver’s license and social security card in place, banks and credit cards should follow and the rest is pretty much a breeze.

Items on the name change checklist occasionally overlooked include:

  • The mortgage company and landlord.
  • The electric and utility companies
  • Schools and alumni associations
  • Insurance companies
  • Voter registration

Theknot suggests waiting until after the honeymoon to make the change, especially if headed to a destination requiring a passport, which can take four to six weeks for routine processing.

And if it seems overwhelming, check out one of the many name change kits online, that do it all.

One is and depending on your option, the kit costs $25-50, but it goes through all the steps for you.

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