Apple Releases IOS 7 Update

Have you downloaded the new software update on your iPhone? Apple just released its first update to the IOS 7 operating system.

The update fixes some bugs, including one that was causing home screens to crash. The update also supports apple’s new connected car service “car play”. You’ll see a few changes in your phone’s appearance, for example, the colors are more muted for better contrast. To download the ios update, just go to the settings menu of your iPhone.

The New York Times is targeting a new market:  those who get their news on their smart phones. The Times is. It’s called NYT Now, and it’s different because it gives readers a curated feed of stories with specially-crafted blurbs of the key points, so they can scroll down without having to tap on the story.

And, the music video streaming site, Vevo, is building an updated version of its mobile apps. It’s being built to simplify navigation. With the app, new releases and featured videos show up on the front page. The newer version highlights its “Vevo Now” feature and users can check out its three Vevo TV channels and search videos. The first version of the app to be released will be for IOS.

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