Mother speaks out after son sets her home on fire

On Sunday, March 9, 25-year-old Tamarcus Martin was arrested for Arson in the First Degree after Mobile Police say he set his family’s home on fire following a domestic dispute.

FOX10 caught up with Martin’s mother, Kimberly Martin, about the incident.

She said her son has struggled with a mental illness since 2007, even taking certain medications to offset the symptoms, and Sunday morning he suffered from a mental episode.

Police said several people were sleeping inside the home when Martin set it ablaze.

But, Monday, with tears streaming down her face, Martin’s mother told FOX10 she’s not angry about the arson.

She said Sunday morning her husband called her to tell her what was going on. This is how she replied:

“I told him you know, try to get him to calm down, do whatever you have to do,” she recalled, “call the police, take him to the emergency room, and within the next 30 minutes he called me back and told me the house was on fire.”

Kimberly Martin said she only wants the best for her son, despite the incident.

“When they called me and told me the house was on fire to me, yeah that’s where we reside, that’s what we need to eat, that’s what we need right now, we need a roof over our heads,” she explained, “but, our main focus was just getting help for him.”

Monday, her son remains behind bars, and she said she’s hoping he’ll get the help he needs.

“He is in Mobile County Metro Jail, and just hoping that the system can help my baby and not continue to fail for him,” said Kimberly Martin.

No one was injured in the fire.  Police said they are still investigating the case.

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