Mobile County School Board votes to oppose Senate Bill 443

Mobile County School Board

The Mobile County School Board is sending a message to Montgomery,  no thanks on Senate Bill 443.

School board members believe the bill could be a major set-back for education across the state.

Most states  in the country, including Alabama have been implementing Common Core standards in curriculum for several years.  Some conservatives want to back away, while supporters say it’s the only way for Alabama students to keep pace with a rapidly changing world.

There have been a lot of changes in technology in just the past few years, and Mobile County Public School officials say the same is true in the classroom.

School Superintendent Martha Peek said without Common Core the school system would be forced to return to teaching standards that are more than a decade old.

“I would say to anyone the world has changed a great deal and made a lot of progress since 1999, and even 2003.  When we even think about how many times we’ve personally changed a technology, hardwire, or even our own cellphones, it’s a very fast paced world.  Education moves at that same rate,” Peek said.

In a special called meeting  Monday the Mobile County School Board voted unanimously  to reject a proposed Senate Bill that would allow school system’s in the state to opt-out of Common Core Curriculum Standards.

Board President Reginald Crenshaw said if the bill passes it could have a disastrous impact on education across the state.

“I think it would be chaos. You’re talking about setting up an advisory board with more than 150 people trying to come together to make one decision.  That would be just terrible,” Crenshaw said.

The nine page bill which would allow school systems to opt-out of the common core standards is supported by a number of senators including three from the gulf coast area.

While Common Core is intended to promote critical thinking in students.  Senator Rusty Glover who supports the opt-out bill said it does just the opposite.

“A lot of these standards are being put together by non professionals, and so that’s got a lot people concerned.  And I’ve been opposed to it every since I first heard about it back in 2010,”  Senator Glover said.

The Senate will vote on the bill Tuesday in Montgomery.  The Mobile County School Board has joined a number of other school systems and chamber groups to ask senators to vote no.

And even senator told said Monday it appeared doubtful the bill would make it out of the senate.

In Alabama Common Core is called the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards.


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