MH370 Search Expands

Given the lack of information on their loved ones, family members and friends have turned to social media in search of answers on the Malaysia flight that disappeared Saturday, March 10, 2014.

Investigators say they don’t know anymore now than they did some when the Malaysia flight 370 vanished from radar.  239 people were on that flight –yet a search involving dozens of ships and planes from multiple countries has turned up nothing.

“Still no information and still waiting – I am not happy with the airline’s arrangements so far,” Li Yan, aunt of missing passenger explained.

People are sharing tributes, and information on social media sites like, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

#PrayforMH370 quickly became a trending hashtag on Twitter.  Many people are also using the hashtag mh370 to share condolences.

On Instagram there are more three million pictures with the Malaysia hashtag –people wanting to share tributes.

Updates are listed on the airlines official Facebook page. The information is released as it comes in.  In the latest update, the airline said it’s making arrangements for passengers families from Beijing to travel to Kuala Lumpur…adding that it appreciates all the international support in this difficult time.

As of Monday, March 10, 2014 So far, investigators have yet to discover a single piece of wreckage.  What they have discovered is that at least two of the passengers were traveling with stolen passports.

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