Business owner recovers stolen equipment

THEODORE, Ala. – A local woman is back on track to opening her business now that she has her stolen equipment back.

The woman believes the investigation got a big boost because of social media.

Work crews are putting in long hours to get Veronica Wilson’s Landscape business open in a couple of weeks.  Wilson was devastated when thieves made off with thousands of dollars in equipment last month, including a 25 thousand dollar rented Dingo.

“I  just didn’t know how I was going to overcome all of this.  You know, paying American Rental’s back, because I was liable for this equipment,” Wilson said

But, Wilson said it was her Facebook friends who came to the rescue.

“I told all my friends I was robbed, and I asked them to repost.  They all reposted, and it was just such an overwhelming response,” she said.

According to Wilson the thieves broke down with the trailer loaded with the stolen equipment in the parking lot of a convenience store on Airport Blvd.   The vehicle was disabled for hours, and during that time someone got suspicious.

“Somebody saw something that  Tuesday morning that did not look right…”

The store’s surveillance video shows the vehicle in the parking lot.  Wilson said the thieves even sold some of the equipment while they waited for a tow truck.  The video shows the Dingo being loaded onto a flatbed truck.

“He saw it and he said there is no way that is there equipment, the way they just dropped it. They dropped it in the parking lot, and they didn’t know how to unload it off the trailer. It was sold right there in the parking lot.  That biggest piece of equipment, that Toro Dingo,” Wilson said.

There’s even video of the men inside the store.

Wilson said thanks to the video, and her Facebook friends she recovered all of her equipment.

“I can not thank all my Facebook friends enough over Facebook.  It was so touching, so overwhelming,” she said.

Fox Ten News is also checking with police to find out if there have been any arrests in the case.  We’ll let you know when we find out.


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