The importance of gun locks

The death of a 7-year-old boy in an accidental shooting in Mobile is calling attention again to gun safety.

Mobile Police said J’Duan Hill Sims somehow got hold of a gun Tuesday and accidentally shot himself in the head. He was taken to the hospital, where he later died.

However, gun shop owners said there are steps you can take to promote gun safety.


Jeff Stone owns Stone Arms, Incorporated. He said gun safety starts with you, even if the lessons seem obvious.

Stone said,  “Never put your finger on the trigger, never, unless you’re firing a gun at a target.  Never point the gun at anybody, even if you know its unloaded.”

Also, Stone said always treat the gun as if its loaded.


When it comes to gun safety and children, he said education is especially crucial.

He said, “If you try to hide the gun in the closet or under the bed, and they find it, they’re not going to know that its not safe. But if you teach them from day one, ‘Hey this is a gun. This could kill you, this will kill your friends. But if you treat it safely, it is safe.'”

Stone said if your child knows about gun safety, it could save lives.


He said federal laws mandate that all handguns, new and used, have to be sold with a gun lock. Also, gun dealers sell safes, large and small. You can also take a firearms safety course.

Stone said, “You can learn how to safely use that gun and feel confident that its not just going to go off.”

Stone also said even if a gun has a safety on it, given enough time, a child can find out how to disengage it.

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