Man tased, arrested on Stapleton Elem. grounds

STAPLETON, Ala. (WALA) -Stapleton Elementary was put on lockdown for a brief period Thursday, March 6 at the request of Loxley Police. Police say a disorderly Stapleton man had to be tased and arrested on school grounds around dismissal time.

Loxley Police said it all started when they were called Thursday to check on a Stapleton man at his home. Police said he was irate and combative when they showed up. Seeing that he was not in any danger, police left the house. According to police, the man then jumped in his car and sped past the police cruisers. They followed him to Stapleton School at which point police requested the school go on lockdown.

“We immediately communicated to parents that we did have to put the school into lockdown and the difficulty was the hour at which it happened which was right at dismissal time,” said Baldwin County Schools spokesperson, Terry Willhite.

Police said when the man got to the school he got out of his car, but would not cooperate or state his intentions. Police said it was necessary to use a taser on the man to bring him under control. The incident happened right at dismissal time. There were already parents lined up to pick up their kids, but Willhite said there were never any children in danger.

“It was over in a matter of seconds actually and it was a peaceful ending. We ‘re very pleased with that and we’re very appreciative of the quick response of Loxley PD,” Willhite said.

Police later learned the man had children at the school who had already been picked up by their mother. Because of the time of day this happened, school officials say the alert that was sent to parents might not have gotten through to everybody.

“The hour of the day does make it difficult because a lot of people are not near their phone. They’re in the car line or they’re on their way to the school so it does make it difficult,” said Willhite.

The suspect has been charged with obstructing government operations and disorderly conduct. Loxley Police have not released the name or address of the suspect at this time.

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