13-year-old Writes Fantasy Novel

One Semmes middle school seventh-grader can check author off his bucket list!

If you like books like “the Chronicles of Narnia” and the “Lord of the Ring” series, you may want to check out “the Portal of Skendar” and a special book signing by Carter Sellers. Carter stopped by our studio to talk about the epic fantasy book he wrote when he was only twelve years old.

It’s about a land populated by elves, dwarves, other creatures, and humans who are at war. The land is connected to another planet through a portal. The elves want the portal closed in order to block an invasion by a dangerous enemy. “The Portal of Skendar” is a self-published, 115-page novel.

Carter says he’s known that he wanted to be a writer, and he didn’t receive any help from anyone to write his book.

Carter is having a book signing tomorrow from Noon – 3pm at Carpe Diem off Old Shell Road. Be sure to like his “Carter Sellers” Facebook page!

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