Want to be a star with Bruce Willis?

VICE is the new feature film coming to Mobile and you could play a part.

The plot? It’s focused on a futuristic resort where the rich can live out their darkest fantasies and the staff who works at the resort are lifelike synthetic beings. Every night their memories erased but a glitch floods one female with all her memories and she wants revenge. Bruce Willis plays the owner of the resort.

Mobile movie mania

The films Tokarev and Prince took center stage in downtown Mobile in 2013 and now VICE.

“We call this bringing Hollywood to L.A. “lower Alabama,” said  Eva Golson with the Mobile Film Office.

The state of Alabama passed the film incentives in 2009 and that’s when Golson says movie companies started considering Alabama.

Right now, the state will reimburse movie companies up to 15 million dollars for whatever they spend in the state.

“Mobile is really bringing in economic development in the film industry here,” Golson said.

Golson estimates VICE will start filming in about ten days and should last around three weeks.

If you’re trying to get a glimpse of Bruce Willis, you’re going to have to get your camera ready because he’s not going to be in town for long.

“He’ll just come in a short period of time. I’m not sure how many days but when a star of that caliber comes in, they come in and they film their scenes in the  movie and then the other scenes are filmed,” Golson said.

Get on set as an extra

 Of course you could be lucky enough to work with Willis on set if you’re an extra.

In an e-mail, you need to write down your height, weight, and size. When you send in your picture, make sure it looks like you. That means don’t wear any sunglasses and make sure the picture is in focus.

“We need to see eyes, we need to see faces, we want to see your beautiful smile and all the things,” said the casting director, Ron Goleman.

Goleman wouldn’t say how many people are needed or if any speaking parts are available for the downtown showdown but he’s encouraging all to apply.

“We’re looking for a lot of young guys young gals out there.  Athletic fit and trim is one need we have in this movie,” Golemen said.

If you’d like play as an extra, send your information to: viceextras@gmail.com

The feature action packed film is also looking for crew resumes. Send your e-mail to: viceresumes@gmail.com

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