Getting ready for spring turkey season

Warmer days are almost here and soon you may hear gobbling in the woods. Now is the time to get ready for spring turkey season.

Wild Turkey have a very good sense of hearing. A hunter needs every advantage in order lure in a gobbler.  It’s important to have a variety of calls and strikers in your vest when you head out into the field. Daniel Dixl is a local turkey call maker and he shows us some of the calls he has created.

“We are retailing slate, glass, and crystal calls. Slate is going to be the most natural sound, and it’s the easiest to use, a lot less margin for error,” said Dix

Daniel puts a lot of craftsmanship into each call that he makes. All the pots are made out of American Cherry.

“I use a band saw and a drill press for a few things to drill the hole and cut out the basic shape, but I put it on a lathe and turn out the inside of the pot all by hand. I turn the outside, and do all the detail work b y hand on a lathe,” said Dix.

Each one is custom made, with its own unique sound.  Some birds get call shy, especially later in the season, so it’s good to know you are using something the bird has never heard before.

“Calling them, all our glass and crystal calls have a slate sound board. So, these are really versatile calls you can cluck and purr on a slate sound board, different sound a little more versatility,” said Dix.

For more information on these calls check out Wild Range Game Calls on Facebook. They are available locally at McCoy Outdoor Company, Tackle This Shoot That, and Quints. Turkey Season starts March 15th and runs until the end of April, so now is the time to get ready.

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