Foley students plan for own business

Imagine being in high school and getting money to start your own business?

That’s what four Foley High School students are competing for Thursday night in a special program to encourage and develop young entrepreneurs.


Foley High School Senior Sarah Gayle Peters worked on her computer Thursday, preparing the website for her very own company.

It’s called Storybook Tea Company.

Peters said,  “My business is an online tea room.  It’s going to have blogging, so people can show their stories and ideas, and just promote literacy in a very creative way.”

Of course, she plans to sell tea, too.

She said they include “new seasonal teas, like, (during) summer, I’ll be selling a strawberry tea, or, during Christmas, I’ll be selling like a peppermint spice.”


Peters is a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy at Foley High School, which Consulting CEO and Instructor Rick Miller said is designed to “teach kids the concept of free enterprise through having them start their own businesses.”

Peters and three other academy members will make presentations Thursday night to local business leaders serving as a board of directors.

They will judge the proposals on their appeal and merit, and award grants.

Miller said, “The students get anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars of actual money.  They have to spend it under the budget guidelines of what they ask for.  We don’t just give them the cash.”


And, Peters said the money would come in handy because she and the others have already invested their own money.

Peters said, “I know I have put in over several hundred (dollars).  I know several others have put in over a thousand, so, (I’m) hoping to be reimbursed with all of that.”

So, while Peters prepares for her presentation, remember the name Storybook Tea Company.

When asked if the public will see her product, she said, “Hopefully, in just a couple of months, right after school.”

The program is sponsored by the South Baldwin Chamber Foundation.



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