Summer Camp Art Classes

Last year, the Centre for the Living Arts introduced your children to the world of contemporary art with a diverse lineup of future-themed summer camps and classes.

Due to the success of previous camps, the CLA is announcing a brand new spring break camp program from April 14-25!

As a segue into our next major nine-month initiative, CLA spring break and summer camps will amplify Pre-Glo, a collaborative project with Los Angeles-based artist Mario Ybarra, Jr., and (LAND) Los Angeles Nomadic Division, as well as a new media installation of sound and video curated by Tom Leeser of California Institute of the Arts.

CLA camps are not your average art camps… your child will enjoy classes that include a range of mediums like painting, drawing, Papier Mâché, photography, and more. Campers also have the opportunity to interact with artwork by nationally and internationally recognized artists and designers. Visit us online for more information on camp schedules and class descriptions.

The CLA is so excited about what’s to come.  They hope your family will join them for another great year of CLA art camps!

For more information contact:  
Brennan Gibson
Education Program Manager
Centre for the Living Arts
Office: (251) 208-5658

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