PPD: Suspect leaves victims in underwear on street corner

Jamar Mickles

PRICHARD, Ala (WALA)- Prichard Police arrested a 20-year old after investigators said he demanded two men to take off their clothes, then stole their cell phones.

Prichard Police said it happened Tuesday, March 4, at the corner of Haines and First avenue in Prichard.

Investigators said one of the victims was shot in the chest after the men began fighting. Authorities are investigating whether or not the shots were fired on purpose or if the gun accidentally went off while the men were fighting. Authorities did not release the victim’s condition.

Jamar Mickles is facing a robbery and assault charge. PPD says he turned himself into authorities.

One neighbor, Vivan Smith says danger came to close to home.
”  I heard two shots,” said Smith.

Another neighbor, Ben Williams, lives near the crime scene.   He says back in his day if you fought on the street corner, the neighborhood would hold you accountable.

“Neighbor see it, the neighbor gonna tell my mother and whoop my behind and go to the next person and tell his momma and tear his behind up. That’s the way it happened. everybody get whooped,” said Williams.




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