Mother of missing woman takes polygraph

The mother of missing woman Brittney Wood says she passed a polygraph examination with flying colors, some 9 months after she was arrested in an elaborate child sex ring investigation.

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During the exam, which Wood paid for and had independently administered by a licensed polygraph examiner, she was asked a total of 10 questions, only 3 of which were relevant to her charges.

The report states she answered those questions truthfully, denying allegations of sex abuse.

Chessie Wood is one of 11 suspects accused of abusing at least one child in the family who is also related to her missing daughter, Brittney.

A 19-year old Brittney Wood was last seen with her uncle Donald Holland on May 30, 2012.

Authorities said Holland killed himself shortly after with Brittney’s gun.

After his suicide, nearly a dozen relatives and family friends were arrested and charged with various sex crimes against children in what some law enforcement officials have called the worst child sex ring in the state of Alabama.

Court documents show Chessie Wood’s attorney is trying to enter her polygraph results into evidence.

When asked if she would allow the state to administer a polygraph exam, Chessie Wood responded “No.”

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