Mobile County Commissioners “encouraged” after trip to D.C.

MOBILE, Ala. – Two Mobile County Commissioners say they’re “encouraged” about some important issues here on the gulf coast following a trip to Washington D.C.

Mobile County Commissioners Connie Hudson, and Merceria Ludgood arrived back in Mobile around 3 o’clock Wednesday afternoon after their trip to the nations Capital.

“This was the National Association of County Commissions, and it turned out to be a very timely conference because we had the opportunity to meet with our senators and our representative yesterday,” Hudson said.

While they were in Washington the House passed a bill that could prevent sky-rocketing flood insurance premiums for coastal property owners.

If the bill gets final approval it could have significant impact in our area.

“This resolution that was approved by the house yesterday reinstates grand-fathering , and that’s a very important move,” Hudson said.

The commissioners are also interested in how Austal could be impacted by proposed military budget cuts.

“It is a budge that begins to make the hard choices that will have to be made. The longer we defer these decisions, the more risk we will have down the road,” Defense Secretary said.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel this week proposed a budget that would reduce the Pentagons order for litorral combat ships to 32.

Commissioner President Ludgood said despite the threat,  they received some encouraging information from our representatives in Washington.

“What they were quick to point out to us was that they are on top of this.  They’ve been on it from day one.  They have been,  they feel really confident, because of the vessel.  It has proven itself.  This proposal is just that, it’s just a proposal, and we think that in the end what  has happened consistently with this program  is that the best ship is going to prevail always,” Ludgood said.

Both commissioners said while their optimistic, like everyone else they can only wait and see how the situation pans out.

Department of defense is expected to deliver its budget to Congress next month.

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