Fat Tuesday is over, now it’s time to clean up

The good times rolled Tuesday on Mobile streets for Mardi Gras, but, on Ash Wednesday, it was time to cleanup.

Work crews were up before dawn getting the streets and parks spic and span.


Early Tuesday morning, you could still find some unusual sights, like a sofa in Bienville Square.

But, it didn’t stay there long.


The sun hadn’t even come up yet when workers from a number of departments started cleaning the parks and streets.

Clayton Ratledge, the Operations Manager for the Business Improvement District, said, “We’ve got the Public Works Department, Parks Department, Community Service Workers and, then, we have abut 15 folks from the Business Improvement District out cleaning up this morning.”


There were a variety of sights and sounds.

Industrial leaf blowers worked great for pushing beads into a nice pile.

Then, workers used rakes to gather them up.

Ratledge said, “So far, its looking great. I have to say, the city has done an exceptional job this year,  and its really made our life easier.”


Then, it was time to clean the street, and empty the trash.

Even after sunrise, workers were still emptying trash cans, using claws to pick up plastic bottles and other trash, and putting them in trash bags.

The sofa was one of the last objects left, but workers broke it apart and threw it away, too.


Ratledge said, “People that see a clean city feel safe in the city, and they want to be here, and, its so important, especially for our visitors.”

And, speaking of visitors, Ratledge said, “We’ve got 4000 conventioneers coming in today, staying at the Battle House and Riverview (Hotels),so its critical that we get Mobile cleaned up as quickly as possible this year.”

That means, not much time to rest.

Police estimate about 55 thousand people celebrated in downtown Mobile on Fat Tuesday.

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