Council members ready for amended budget

The 2014 budget was presented last year but soon after Mayor Sandy Stimpson was elected, that budget started to be changed. Next week Stimpson’s staff will present the new budget to the city council.

“We need to keep our work force intact,we need to be able to provide them the resources that they need to deliver the services the citizens of Mobile that they expect and deserve,” said Chief of Staff Colby Cooper.

Council member Fred Richardson said if this is about shifting money, it won’t work.

“If the city is in financial trouble you can move money day and night and not get another dime. You can’t raise money by moving,” Richardson said.

Council President Gina Gregory said the finance director is still tweaking things even today.

“They’re looking for ways to cut back if will without having to do anything out of the ordinary. From what I heard there will be some things they can change reducing overtime, not hiring positions that we wanted to hire that kind of thing,” said City Council President Gina Gregory.

Council member John Williams specifically mentioned fire and police.

“I think our budget ought to show what our priorities are and our priorities should be public safety first and everything else second,” said Williams.

Williams did say the process is what he is most impressed by, with all department heads having to start at zero and justifying every dollar as they go forward in formulating their budget.

Once the budget is presented to the council, it will have a chance to review it before finally voting on it.

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