Techniques and devices for catching throws

MOBILE, Ala. The good times are definitely rolling in Mobile on this Fat Tuesday.  Thousands of people like weren’t scared away by the cold temperatures or the threat of rain.

“I love it, it’s awesome,”  Tyler Avera from Semmes said.

12 year old Mauricio Washington and his friend 13 year old William Blake used Mardi Gras beads to rope off a section for their families on Church Street.  From their six foot space they were set to catch plenty of beads, moon pies, and stuffed toys.

” We just strung it on top of the barricade, and we made it go around all the chairs,” Mauricio said.

And why did he do it?

“We can block out people, so people can’t come in and invade us, and all that stuff,” he explained.

Britney Tillman wasn’t worried about the throws that land out of reach on the other side of the barricade.  She’s got her four foot long device she calls the “Catchie Thing”, and it works.

“When they  throw them and we hit them back over back in the street I can reach them just like that, and grab them back up,” she said.

Will it pick up something like beads?

“yes, see.”  she demonstrated.

We spotted Ronda Poteet perched in a tree. Was she looking for a little height advantage?

“I’m staying warm, I’m watching the parade.  If I catch good, if I don’t it’s okay too.  I’m just enjoying  the parade,” Poteet said.

One guy was hoping his Family Guy net would attach lots of throws.

When it comes to catching throws folks in Mobile know you just use whatever works.

Tyler Avera and his friends know the best way to get throws is to first get the float riders attention.

We asked him his secret for catching lots of throws.  After blowing a horn, he explained.

“You got to make a lot of noise.”

That should work.

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