Stolen bikes replaced at local ministry


South Alabamians have stepped up to donate dozens of old bicycles less than one week after FOX10 News reported thieves stole them from a local ministry.

More than 60 bikes were loaded into a trailer and taken from the Ridden Word Ministry in Robertsdale early last week.

The ministry relies on donations and volunteers to refurbish and rebuild old bikes to give away to those in need every week.

On the ministry’s facebook page, leaders wrote:

“God is so good. It has been less than a week since our bikes were stolen and we have already had almost 50 bikes donated to us! Thank you so much for helping spread the word and for everyone that has donated a bike to us over the last week. We love y’all!”

Witnesses said the bikes were loaded into a trailer in broad daylight Monday, February 26. They said they didn’t know someone was stealing the bikes and figured they were only being moved.

Nearby businesses continue to comb through surveillance video and witnesses have been calling about the trailer of stolen bikes.

We asked ministry leaders what they would say to the crooks involved.

 “I would tell them, ‘We love you and there’s no hard feelings, and if there’s anything you need help with you know we’d love to help,” said Zac Foerster.

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