Revelers tailgate in Spanish Plaza


The Mobile Bay Brass Band kicked off Fat Tuesday the only way they know how to, with some funky jazz music.

If the sound didn’t get revelers in the mood, the food did. Spanish Plaza was filled with people grilling out, playing football and spending time with their families.

“I’ve been out here since 6:15 cooking ribs. You’ve been around the rest, this is the best and the best way to eat during Mardi Gras,” one man said who was flipping his food on the hot grill.

Others skipped the food and took advantage of the fire and the grill’s heat.

Debbie Roberts is a snowbird from Syracuse New York and  expected the weather to be a little warmer.

“He (her husband) told me how nice and warm it is and it’s nice and cold and icy,” Roberts said.

She was still looking forward to having a good time and celebrating her first Mardi Gras catching some throws.

In between the parades, kids in the park were jumping rope and playing sports. Most of the families said they were staying until the end of the day rain or shine.

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