Rain didn’t stop thousands from enjoying Mardi Gras 2014

Thousands packed downtown Mobile for a day filled with fun as Mardi Gras brought beads, moonpies, and doubloons…and along with it, the wind and rain.

Everyone has favorite parts about Mardi Gras whether they are the items caught or the overall parade experience, there is something for everyone.

On Tuesday, die-hard parade-goers lined the streets of Downtown Mobile for a chance to catch all Mardi Gras had to offer, including the cold weather…and for some, blankets and hoodies were the keys to keeping warm.

For some, Mardi Gras day was quite the success.

Got a team working right here. We got a team. We’re going to take these beads to Krispy Kreme later and get some donuts. That’s what the plan is. Got like 40 pounds back in our room and every 12 pounds you get a free dozen so the next few weeks we’re going to tear these donuts up,” said one reveler.

Along with him, his partner in crime who was at his first Mardi Gras parade. “It’s an awesome experience,” he said.

FOX10 News Sports Anchor Simone enjoyed her first Mardi Gras parade, despite the rainy weather. She ventured into the crowds on Tuesday to see what it was all about.

“It’s been such an incredible day despite the weather,” she said. “It was the best experience ever. I got an “Ohio” bead, which is where I’m from. It was nice to have a little piece of ‘home’ here in my new ‘home,” she said.

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