Million Dollar Band rolls in for Mardi Gras

It may not be football season yet but the Million Dollar Band rolled into the Port City to celebrate Fat Tuesday.

The band left Tuscaloosa around 6:00 am and when they got to Mobile around 10:30 a.m. it was straight to practice.

“We’re just going to be getting the crowd pumped up with ‘Yay Alabama’ and just doing our basic cheers,” said Million Dollar Band Colorgaurd senior, Ciara Daniel.

Ciara said it’s her first time in Mobile and her first Mardi Gras experience. During the parades she said she concentrates on her routine.

“I’m really thinking about not messing up but it will be cool be to on the inside since I’ve never experienced Mardi Gras,” Ciara said.

One of the drummers said he enjoys being the heartbeat of the band.

“Oh it’s beautiful. Five days a week you practice and Saturday football games, it’s all about you, it’s great.”

Tammy Newberry was excited her son, a Baker High School graduate, is back in Mobile this time, marching with Alabama.

“Its been unreal because he went to high school here and he marched and told me he was going to be in the Million Dollar Band and he did it,” Newberry said.

Other locals said they were happy to celebrate Mardi Gras at home and share the tradition with their friends.

“They see all these floats and they’re so excited and I’m like oh yeah I grew up with that,” one band member said.

After the parade, the band loaded back onto the buses, changed into much dryer clothes and headed back to Saban nation, or as it’s formally known, Tuscaloosa.

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