Mardi Gras Artist Jim Wainwright

The floats, the music, the throws, the culture, the tradition.  A few weeks each year the spirit of Mardi Gras is celebrated by the people of Mobile.  But on the calendar that celebration eventually comes to an end.  Artist Jim Wainwright brings Mardi Gras to life year round.

Wainwright’s passion for the Carnival Season began with his mother… who was also an artist.  His extended family consists of former Mardi Gras Kings and Queens.

That history and love motivates him to stay dedicated to his craft… often spending more than 200 hours on a single painting.

If you see one of Jim’s prints, you’ll notice there’s no date on the artwork. There’s a reason for that.  Jim thinks Mardi Gras is something that lives within us and continues year round.  Jim’s art extends beyond the canvas.  The background music in this story is Jim’s original acoustic of “When the Saints Go Marching In.”

So whether it’s a strum of the strings or a flick of the brush – the spirit of Mardi Gras lives within Jim Wainwright.

If you would like to see Jim’s art, and/or order or request a print visit:

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