March means spring savings

From spring cleaning to tax returns the month of March offers a lot of opportunities for you to save so if you’re trying to squeeze more savings out of every month you’re in luck.

At the beginning of the month, most coupon websites reset their coupons so it’s the perfect time to check to see if there’s anything new you need to grab. From household cleaners to grocery shopping you can stock up on savings.

And speaking of shopping, you can build your March menu around early spring foods like lettuce, broccoli and mushrooms that will be cheap and tasty. Head to your local farmers market and buy whole foods. Whole fruit is cheaper than fruit that’s pre-packaged and same with cheese, you get more for your money if you buy a block then if it’s already sliced.

Cheapest fruits and veggies month-by-month

While you’re bringing more into your home, think about getting rid of some stuff. That’s right spring cleaning! Turn those items that are collecting dust into quick cash and if you want to make a donation, get a receipt for tax purposes.

If you still need to file taxes this year, there are free software programs you can use to get your taxes in on time. If you’re expecting a refund, put that money in a rainy day fund or invest it.

You could also put your refund towards a vacation like spring break. If you plan ahead, you can steal some great deals and save on hotels, airfare and gas.

While you’re planning, think about fun ways to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. You can use in season green veggies like artichokes, broccoli and Brussels sprouts and take advantage of food coloring to make a fun festive meal.

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