Law enforcement preps for Fat Tuesday crowds

While it did rain on several parades today, Mobile Police said a little water won’t stop the fun.

“If it becomes a problem with lightning, definitely the Mobile Police Department then will pull the parade,” Officer Terence Perkins said. “But just because it’s raining, we work very closely with the organization in reference (to) if they want to ride or not.”

Perkins said rain or shine, they were prepared to handle whatever Fat Tuesday threw at them.

“It makes it a little harder for us, but we put in several hours on training our officers on the mounted unit as well as on the motor cycles for weather that’s very inclement,” Perkins said.

And as with the other parades, they had help from the Alabama State Troopers.

“Be aware of your surroundings, obviously. Stay behind the barricades. Once you get over the barricade, your odds of getting a ticket are pretty high, first of all. What we really don’t want to see is someone get run over,” Sgt. Joe Piggott said.


For John Dees and his family, he’s a big fan of the large police presence. He and his family have been coming to Bienville Square for a number of years and he said the law gives him peace of mind.


“(It’s) all about family down here on Fat Tuesday. You can bring the kids down here and you don’t have to worry about nobody shooting or fighting or none of that,” Dees said. “With the Mobile cops and all, you’re pretty much safe, you know, on Fat Tuesday.”

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